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It is time to expand what you expect from dentistry. Your face provides the setting for your smile, yet most dentists limit themselves to working on your teeth and gums. Dr.Al-Ghalayini Medical Center is revolutionizing cosmetic dentistry by creating a comprehensive patient experience that addresses the entire face. Her face rejuvenation services are in high demand from patients seeking exclusive, full service care. This has launched Dr.Al-ghalayini to become the top provider of face rejuvenation Jeddah residents request.

Female nose before and after cosmetic su


Face rejuvenation refers to a series of non-surgical procedures designed to combat signs of aging and restore your natural facial beauty. Also known as cosmetic injectables, these include two main forms of treatment: neurotoxins and dermal fillers. Neurotoxins such as Botox smooth away facial wrinkles that form because of frowning, squinting, and smiling. In addition to becoming wrinkled, when skin gets older, it loses volume and begins to droop. The lack of elasticity makes the face appear older. Dermal fillers add volume to the skin, making sagging or wrinkled skin appear smoother. Dr. Al-Ghalayini Medical Center is experienced in applying both of these solutions to wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and other common facial problems. The end result is a beautiful face rejuvenation that will make your brilliant smile more impactful.

face woman wrinkles   before and after t



Face rejuvenation services are typically offered in a spa or cosmetic surgery setting. However, they are often administered by people with little to no experience studying the anatomy of the face and mouth. Although these less experienced professionals may administer cosmetic injectables safely and competently, the results do not always maximize the full potential of face rejuvenation therapy.


In contrast, Dr. Al-Ghalayini has been studying human facial anatomy for more than 15 years. Her training includes detailed examination of the jaw, mouth, and surrounding areas. These are the problem areas patients most often request cosmetic treatment for. Why entrust your cosmetic injectables to a less trained individual when you can harness the expertise of a leader in the field of cosmetic dentistry and face rejuvenation?


Not only does Dr.Al-Ghalayini Medical Center have a well-refined artistic sense for facial dimensions, but they also have the clinical training to provide face rejuvenation in a medically responsible manner. Part of dental training is to learn how to provide pain-free injections while keeping patients relaxed and comfortable. Furthermore, Dr. Al-Ghalayini has a deep knowledge in the anatomy of the face, including the location of blood vessels, muscles, bones, and nerves. This ensures that he administers cosmetic injectables in precisely the location that they will provide the most benefit. Her knowledge of the relationships between the eyes, cheese, lips, nose, and teeth ensures that the face rejuvenation will yield natural, attractive results.

forehead women wrinkles before and after
forehead women wrinkles before and after

First image: static line/wrinkle. Second image:  One week after line has disappeared as the muscle was deactivated. Facial rejuvenation to assist with forehead lines and facial pain.



Dr.Al-Ghalayini Medical Center  Method is unique for its comprehensive assessment and personalized treatment planning. After assessing your dental health needs, Dr. Al-ghalayini may also determine whether you would benefit from face rejuvenation services. Cosmetic injectables can improve the appearance of the skin by smoothing away wrinkles and providing volume to problem areas. These cosmetic enhancers create a more youthful look for the eyes, forehead, nose, and mouth areas. By rejuvenating the face, you create the perfect setting for your brand new smile. Choose Dr. Al-Ghalayini Medical Center today for the best face rejuvenation Jeddah can provide.

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