Millions of People are missing teeth, while many more have major cracks, chips, or other problems that negatively impact their appearance. Dr. Salma Al-Ghalayini  believes that every individual has the right to a healthy, beautiful smile. For patients with significant dental health problems, a full mouth reconstruction is the best way to restore an attractive smile. Dr. Al-Ghalayini is widely considered the best cosmetic dentist for full mouth reconstruction Jeddah  has to offer. Her exclusive  Method approach to full mouth reconstruction ensures unparalleled outcomes.



Like the name implies, full mouth reconstruction involves complete restoration of teeth on the upper and lower jaw. There are several reasons that patients seek full mouth reconstruction, including:


  • Severe tooth decay leading to loss of teeth

  • Traumatic event causing lost or broken teeth

  • Acid erosion (e.g., from soda or acid reflux) wearing away tooth enamel

  • Problematic bite contributing to severe headaches or jaw pain

  • Tooth grinding, which wears away the enamel of teeth




The process of full mouth reconstruction begins with an in-depth consultation with Dr. Rifkin. At this visit, Dr. Rifkin conducts a thorough assessment of dental health issues. He uses x-rays as well as physical examination to identify each crack, chip, or flaw in your teeth.

One of Dr.Al-Ghalayini most unique abilities is her exquisite eye for facial anatomy. She will assess the anatomy of your teeth, lips, jaw, and other facial features to design an outstanding new smile for you. This artistic sensibility is what sets Dr.Al-Ghalayini apart for her outstanding dental implants.

After this comprehensive evaluation, Dr.Al-Ghalayini will create an individualized treatment plan for your full mouth reconstruction. This may include tooth extraction, crowns, veneers, or bridges to correct imperfections and replace broken teeth.


Dr. Al-Ghalayini  has spent the past two decades refining her  Method approach. She is unmatched among cosmetic dentists for her artistic yet science-minded approach to full mouth reconstruction.

The unique  Method begins with creation of custom dental veneers and crowns. . Working in her on-site laboratory with a skilled dental ceramist, Dr. Al-Ghalayini designs each veneer and crown herself . She oversees each piece down to the slightest detail, including carefully color matching materials to ensure an exceptional result.

This attention to detail does not end with creation of the replacement teeth. Dr. Al-Ghalayini is one of the only cosmetic dentists in the area to use a dental microscope to perform full-mouth reconstruction. This allows him unprecedented precision, placing each component within a fraction of a millimeter of its intended location. Patients are often awestruck when they see the final results of Dr. Al-Ghalayini's patience and labor.

When seeking the best full mouth implants in  Jeddah  has to offer, look no further than Dr. Salma Al-Ghalayini. Her exquisite eye for detail, artistic eye, scientific brilliance, and technical precision set her apart from other cosmetic dentists. The result is the best full mouth reconstruction in Jeddah  patients can receive.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Al-Ghalayiniand find out what a full mouth reconstruction can do for you, call us today. Our concierge services will help you through every step of your visit.

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