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15 years of crafting naturally beautiful smiles in Jeddah 


With over 15 years of dental experience and over  30,000 patient appointments under her belt, Dr. Al-Ghalayini's level of technical expertise is virtually unparalleled in the field of cosmetic dentistry, but this is not the sole distinguishing factor that patients notice when they come to visit Dr.Al-Ghalayini  the top Jeddah cosmetic dentist. While technical savvy is of great importance, Dr.Al-Ghalayini places equal value on all aspects of the patient experience, providing outstanding care and attention, from your first consultation all the way through treatment.

Delivering quality health care services is a passion and a motivator that I seek to be part of and involved in daily. Seeking a position where I can fully utilize my education and skills for helping patients regaining their confidence, comfort and function.


I strive to treat my patients with the new era of dental digitalization, best work quality and to meet up their expectations.

My only aim is to draw a smile on all my patients’ faces.


That’s the number of individuals who have sought and received world-class care at Al-Ghalayini  Cosmetic Denistry. The exceptional reputation of Salma Al-Ghalayibi Ph.D. is only one motivation for the popularity of his practice. Unsurpassed client experience is another. Clearly though, the truest measure of his success and the primary reason for the popularity of his practice is a single factor that eclipses the sum of all others – exemplary results.

Please feel free to explore more about Dr. Al-Ghalayini's  work, who we are and how you can experience the exhilaration of receiving your very own bespoke smile

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About Us
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Care is the cornerstone of our practice—30,000 plus  patient appointments in her Total  career

Your smile is an extension of your personality and one of your biggest assets. There is no better person to entrust with your smile than Dr. Salma  Al-Ghalayini. Dr. Al-Ghalayini is world renowned for her precision approach to dentistry and is the best cosmetic dentist Jeddah has to offer.


After helping more than 30,000 patients and dedicating almost two decades of her life to dental art and science, Dr. Al-Ghalayini is a master of her craft. she takes a personalized approach to dental care, dedicating time to each patient to find the best solution for their dental problems. With advanced training in dental technology and facial aesthetics, Dr. Al-Ghalayiniis a leader in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Her Method” is an immersive patient experience that will transform your understanding of what a dentist can do for you.

Portrait of beautiful young happy smilin



Dental veneers revitalize your smile and transform your entire look. Veneers create an even, perfect, brilliant smile while maintaining the natural appearance of your face.

When deciding to get dental veneers, it is essential to find the best Jeddah veneers dentist to ensure superior results.

Nowhere is Dr. Salma Al-Ghalayini meticulous, unique approach to dental medicine more evident than when she is placing custom veneers. Dr. Al-Ghalayini 

achieves the most natural, attractive results, guaranteeing that you will have a smile you’re proud to show off.

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Full mouth reconstruction includes bridges, crowns, veneers, and other aesthetic interventions to transform your entire smile. Dr.Al-Ghalayini performs a comprehensive assessment of your teeth and gums before crafting a custom treatment plan. Dr.Al-Ghalayini award-winning sculpture, and careful collaboration with his in-house ceramist ensures unparalleled quality and perfection for your new smile.

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Although many dentists offer teeth whitening procedures, few achieve the superior results of Dr. Al-Ghalayini Jeddah patients choose Dr. Al-Ghalayini year after year as the best dentist. Dr. Al-Ghalayini has an unparalleled eye for color. She makes minute adjustments to the whitening procedure to ensure that your teeth match the exact shade of white that complements your skin, hair, and overall look.

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Small chips or fractures leave teeth looking worn. Cosmetic bonding is the best way to repair this damage without overhauling the entire smile. You’re in good hands with the Al-Ghalayini Method to cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Al-Ghalayini uses a microscope to ensure the precise placement of resin on the affected area. Her artistry and technical savvy provide exceptional results.

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Dental hygiene is critical to maintaining an attractive smile. As the best dentist, Jeddah has to offer, Dr. Al-Ghalayini is highly sought after for his dental hygiene work. Her patients return year after year because of her detail-oriented approach, patient-focused manner, and commitment to aesthetic excellence.

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Most dentists’ work begins and ends with the teeth and gums, but Dr. Al-Ghalayini believes in a holistic approach to patient care. Many of his clients desire this exclusive opportunity to rejuvenate the face and smile together. This approach allows Dr. Al-Ghalayini  to craft an individualized treatment plan that addresses all of your aesthetic concerns, allowing you to achieve a beautiful new look.

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“The nicest Jeddah cosmetic dentist I've been to in 14 years!. She’s compassionate, she listens to me and gave me options. Her attention to detail is what really stuck out. Everything was spot on. 

Sarah S 

“Hands down the best dentist Jeddah has, maybe even the world! My smile has never been this beautiful. She's just so nice, it's like getting dental work from your best friend! .

Ahmed C

Dr. Salma changed my life with the dental veneers he gave me. I'm a whole new person these days! She's so talented, as an artist and a dentist. Truly the best dentist in Jeddah.

Saud A

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Dr.Soliman Al-Ghalayini Medical Center 

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